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Focus on Optimizing Crude Oil Supply

We optimize our crude oil purchases for our refining operations and minimize our crude oil feedstock costs. Our location advantage and refinery complexity allows us to receive and process a variety of light sweet, light sour and heavy crude oils from Western Canada and the U.S., many of which have historically been priced at a discount to the NYMEX WTI benchmark.

Maximize Refinery Sales through Growing Our Retail Business

Our strategy is to emphasize the development and growth of our dedicated SuperAmerica branded retail business to which we can supply transportation fuels directly from our refining operations, and minimize transportation costs. We expect our growth to be driven by an expansion of our SuperAmerica franchise business initially. The growth of our retail operations will be targeted to areas where we can supply our convenience stores on favorable economic terms from our refining operations.

Selectively Consider Acquisition Opportunities

We selectively consider strategic acquisitions within the refining and retail marketing industry. In selecting acquisitions, we consider the following criteria: (a) performance through the refining cycle, (b) advantageous access to crude oil supplies, (c) attractive refined products market fundamentals and (d) access to distribution and logistics infrastructure. In our existing areas of operation, we will seek acquisition opportunities that have the potential for operational efficiencies. We also evaluate opportunities in the energy industry outside of our existing areas of operation and in new geographic regions to expand our operating footprint.