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Our refining business primarily comprises operations of a 89,500 barrels per day (“bpd”) refinery, located in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. We are one of only two refineries in Minnesota and one of four refineries in the upper Great Plains area within the PADD II region.

Our strategic location allows us direct access, primarily via the Minnesota Pipe Line, to a variety of locally sourced and Canadian crude oils, as well as the ability to distribute our refined products throughout the midwestern United States. Our refinery produces a broad slate of refined products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and asphalt, which are then marketed to resellers and consumers in the PADD II region.

We also own numerous storage and transportation assets, including a light products truck terminal, a heavy oil truck rack, storage tanks, rail loading/unloading facilities, and a Mississippi river dock.

Our refining business also includes our 17% interest in the Minnesota Pipe Line Company, which owns and operates the Minnesota Pipe Line, a 455,000 bpd crude oil pipeline system that transports Western Canadian and North Dakota crude oil approximately 300 miles from connections to the Enbridge pipeline hub at Clearbrook, Minnesota to our refinery. The Minnesota Pipe Line has historically supplied a significant majority of the crude oil used and processed in our refinery.