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Contractor Responsibilities

Contractor Responsibilities

SPP Refinery

This refinery contractors’ web site has been developed to provide you with the steps you are required to take to enter refinery property and do work for Northern Tier Energy, LLC. Before any contractor will be able to enter St. Paul Park Refinery (SPPRC) property, all of the steps described on this site must be completed.

HESS Policy

Northern Tier Energy recognizes that consistently demonstrating excellence in all areas of Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HESS) is our “license to operate” within our surrounding communities. To meet this commitment of excellence, we will work to continually improve in the following areas:

  • Safety – We will strive for no accidents or injuries to anyone in the Northern Tier Energy family or our contractor workforce.
  • Environment – We will work tirelessly to protect the land, water and air around the refinery and we will minimize emissions and waste from our operations.
  • Security – We will maintain a secure facility for the protection of our employees and public.
  • Emergency Preparedness – We will stand to respond to any emergency at our refinery.
  • Compliance – We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Community– We will strive to be a good neighbor in the community through safe amd responsible operations.
  • Training – We will ensure that our employees are trained to perform their assignments effectively and with full understanding of their HESS responsibilities.
  • Communication/Trust – We will clearly communicate our HESS commitments and performance with our employees, stakeholders, and neighbors. Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted and preferred employer and a trusted and valued neighbor.

Meeting these commitments will be a responsibility shared by everyone, including employees, contractors, and third parties.

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Step-by-Step Requirements

Contractor Access

Your supervisor should assist you in completing the steps required prior to coming on the refinery property.

Prior to arrival, your supervisor will need to put in a Lenel Badge request via the LBRS.

If you’re a new contractor or supervisor that needs additional assistance or you have any other questions, please contact Andrew Verga (651-459-9771).

Step 1

Pre-Requisite Training

Prior to arriving at St. Paul Park Refinery, a few prerequisites must be met.

  1. 1.  Complete Site-Specific Contractor Orientation at Inver Hills Community College.
  2. 2.  Complete Drug Test.
  3. 3.  Complete TWIC enrollment.
  4. 4.  Proof of the completed items listed above must be presented at SPPRC East Gate where a badge will be issued.

Step 2

Site Specific Contractor Orientation

The Inver Hills Community College (IHCC) offers contractors who work at St. Paul Park Refinery, computer-based, site-specific contractor orientation. Click here for directions to IHCC. Contractor orientation training is required annually.

The IHCC is open for training from 7:30 AM to 1 PM Monday through Thursday. Your training must be completed by 1 PM.

What You Need to Do:

  • - Arrive at the IHCC between 7:30 am and 9:30 am.
  • - Park in any of the lots noted on the map
  • - Bring: Government issued ID and proof of OSHA 10 or equivalent.
  • - Bring: Contact information of employer/contractor including: Company name, invoice address, contact name, and telephone number.
  • - Go to Business Building (B) noted on the map.

Click here for a printable brochure of the IHCC training process.

Click here for a printable IHCC campus map with directions and parking locations.

Location and Directions to IHCC:

The Inver Hills Community College is located in Inver Grove Heights just off Highway 52 (two miles south of I-494). Exit Hwy 52 at 80th St. Go east one block to Blaine, south one block to Campus.

VIA I-94: From I-94 in downtown St. Paul, exit on south Highway 52; go approximately 10 miles to the 80th St. exit. Go east one block to Blaine Ave., south to Campus.

VIA I-494: From I-494 in Inver Grove Heights, exit south on Highway 52; go approximately 1.5 miles to 80th St. exit. Go east one block to Blaine Ave., south to campus.

Inver Hills Community College
2500 80th Street East
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 55076
Map and Directions

Center for Professional and Workforce Development
Phone: 651-450-8578

Step 3

TWIC Card Process

TWIC or Transportation Worker Identification Credential is a vital security measure that will ensure individuals who pose a threat do not gain unescorted access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime transportation system.

Why do I need a TWIC card?
St. Paul Park Refinery in St. Paul Park falls under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard due to our facility bordering the Mississippi River. The Coast Guard requires all individuals entering a secured maritime facility to have a TWIC card to be granted unescorted access to the facility.

Where do I go to get a TWIC card?
There is one TWIC office located in Roseville at:
2780 Snelling Avenue North, Suite 309
Roseville, MN 55113-7125

How much does it cost?
The price for a TWIC card is $129.75.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
You will be required to show two forms of identification. One must be a government issued photo id (such as a driver’s license or passport). The second form can be a social security card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, or a DOT physical card.

For more information please visit the Transportation Security Administration web site.

Step 4

Drug Test

A drug test will be required before coming to work at the refinery. Contractors must be approved through DISA in order to work at St. Paul Park Refinery. If immediate access is required, a quick test will suffice while awaiting DISA results. The quick test may be completed at Inver Hills Community College during orientation training.

You may contact Jeff Sherman with Northern Tier Energy’s Security department or visit the Q&A section to submit your question.

Jeff Sherman
Phone: (651) 458-6480


Step 5

Additional Training

There are two additional training courses offered by the IHCC that may be needed depending on your job responsibilities while working at St. Paul Park Refinery.

  • - HF Alkylation Unit Training
  • - Contractor Firewatch – Outside Attendant Training

HF Alkylation Unit Training

This course was developed to increase safety and health awareness for personnel engaged in entering the refinery’s Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Unit (HF Alky Unit) and performing work in affiliation with equipment in HF service. This course is also intended to educate personnel about the chemical properties of HF acid, as well as the materials of construction, health hazards, first aid, personal protective equipment, and general safe practices and procedures for working with or around hydrofluoric acid.

Tests will be administered for various sections of this course in which a passing score must be obtained before credit is received. Tests can only be administered once per day. If a passing score is not met on the initial test, you will be able to re-test the next business day. This course will take approximately one hour to complete.

Contractor Firewatch – Outside Attendant Training

This course was developed to certify personnel to serve as firewatches and outside attendants so that hot work and/or confined space entry can be performed in a safe manner at the St. Paul Park Refinery. This course will educate personnel on the duties and responsibilities of firewatches and outside attendants.

A test will be administered for various sections of this course in which a passing score must be obtained before credit is received. Tests can only be administered once per day. If a passing score is not met on the initial test, you will be able to re-test.

Step 6

What’s next

A Training Photo I.D. Card will be created at IHCC: Upon successful completion of the course and drug test, the individual will be issued a photo I.D. card listing the course descriptions and completion date. Present this training photo I.D. card at the SPPRC East Gate Security Group upon arrival. You will then be issued a refinery access badge if all other requirements have been met.

Payment:Individuals will be asked to pay at the time of testing with either a check or credit card. If an individual is not able to pay at this time, Inver Hills Community College will send an invoice to the respective contractors’ business office.

Code of Conduct:Personnel enrolled in the safety program are required to adhere to the code of conduct as established by Inver Hills Community College.

Dress Code: Please refrain from wearing torn, dirty or frayed clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to others.


  • - Arrive between 7:30 and 9:30 A.M.
  • - Bring: Government issued ID and OSHA 10 or equivalent
  • - Bring: Contact information of employer/contractor including: company name, invoice address, contact name, and telephone number

Click here for a printable brochure of the IHCC training process.

Step 7

Refinery Access ID Card

If you successfully complete the necessary training, drug testing, and obtain the TWIC card, you will then required to go to the SPPRC East Gate to obtain a refinery access ID card.

You will need to bring all documentation noted below. Failure to provide valid documentation will result in non-issuance of your Northern Tier Energy badge.

Required documentation:
Inver Hills Photo I.D.
DISA Chain of Custody

East Security Gate
St. Paul Park Refining Co. LLC
459 Third Street
St. Paul Park, MN 55071

TWIC – If you do not posses a TWIC card, escorted access to the refinery will not exceed 3 business days.

Step 8

What You Need to Know Coming on Site

Smoking – Smoking is NOT allowed within the refinery except in designated areas. Violation of this rule will be cause for immediate dismissal.

Drugs and Weapons – Illegal drugs, unauthorized alcohol, weapons and firearms are prohibited on refinery property. All individuals are subject to search while on company property.

Facial Hair Policy – Beards are prohibited within the refinery. Mustaches and short sideburns are permitted if they do not interfere with the facial seal of protective breathing devices.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices – These devices are not allowed in process units. The use of cellular phones while driving a vehicle is prohibited.

Standard Personal Protective Equipment – Basic PPE required for entry into a process unit and/or tank farm area is as follows:

  • - Hard Hat
  • - Safety Glasses
  • - Hearing Protection
  • - FR Clothing
  • - Gloves
  • - Personal h4S Monitor
  • - Safety Toed Footwear

Certain areas/jobs may require additional PPE which shall be worn in accordance with posted signs or as stated on the safe work permit. Contractor PPE is not supplied by SPPRC.

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Question & Answers

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Andrew Verga with St. Paul Park Refinery Safety Department at (651) 458-6453.